ISO 19650-1 Award Underlines Digital Service Expertise in Civil Engineering at DMT GROUP

We are pleased to announce that DMT Middle East’s exceptional competency in digital services for civil engineering has been recognised with the award of the ISO 19650-1 “Organisation and Digitization of Information About Building and Civil Engineering Works including Building Information Modelling (BIM)."

Tamer Abdelkader (left) und Hazem Hanafy

DMT joins an elite group of ISO 19650-1 recipients, and is one of only a few providers of digital services for civil engineering in the Middle East to be working under the standard.

The ISO 19650 standard is composed of 4 documents, based on the principles and the content of the British Standards BS 1192 and BS 8536. This certification proves the maturity of a company’s digital processes working to support the flow of data within the information management cycle – from the project information model to the asset information model.

Many congratulations to Hazem Hanafy, Tamer Abdelkader, Raeeza Fahad, and the DMT Middle East team, for the ISO standard and for showing how DMT’s digital leadership continues to build on 280 years of Engineering Performance.