Groundwater remediation secures drinking water supply

At former industrial sites, coking plants or landfills, the groundwater is often contaminated and accidents can release other substances into the water cycle. To stop the spread of these and to purify the groundwater, remediation wells are built downstream of pollutant sources to pump the contaminated water out for treatment.

Each well is a unique piece of engineering, designed and operated according to the hydrogeological situation, groundwater flow conditions and the chemistry of the contaminated water. Numerical groundwater flow and mass transport models are used in planning to determine optimal well locations with high effectiveness.

DMT is currently developing, testing and constructing remediation wells for Rain Carbon Inc (formerly Rütgers Germany) and is responsible for conception, setting up a groundwater remediation plant, chemical analysis, soil disposal, building groundwater measuring points and preliminary long-term pumping tests. In doing so, we will ensure the goal of complying with all the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive for the protection of people, nature and the economy is achieved.

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