Europe's largest offshore wind turbine is safely built on sand

Whether an offshore wind turbine can work reliably depends on whether it's safe and that depends largely on the nature of the seabed. Waves and ocean currents can, under certain conditions, cause the sea bed around the monopile to be eroded (scouring) and endanger stability. Checking whether such dangers exist and what should be done in that case is part of the windfarm certification that DMT undertakes together with TÜV NORD EnSys and TÜV NORD CERT.

DMT GROUP is responsible for the certification of the geotechnical design aspects of Vattenfall's Hollandse Kust Zuid I-IV Offshore Wind Farm with some 150 turbines. For the geotechnical verification of the monopiles in the seabed and the corresponding scour protection, we check load-bearing capacity and operational reliability according to the documents and verify the calculations using an independent FE model. This verification is performed according to the new internationally recognized project certification scheme OD-502 for renewable energies (IECRE). TÜV NORD GROUP is one of three global certifiers covering this in cooperation with DMT.

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