DMT ensures the accurate routing of the Ceneri Base Tunnel

Today was the official handing over ceremony of the newly constructed Ceneri Base Tunnel in Ticino to operator SBB CFF FFS. The 15km-long Swiss rail tunnel, which is due to be fully operational by December this year, forms part of the NRLA (New Railway Link through the Alps), which will create greater rail capacity for freight and passenger transport, with improvements in regional services, as well as faster and more frequent north-south connections and more international services.

Throughout the construction phase of the Ceneri Base Tunnel, DMT's surveyors performed regular control measurements to ensure that the tunnel follows the route it should.

The instrument of choice was our surveying gyroscope GYROMAT 5000 - the most accurate precision-surveying gyroscope in the World. DMT was also responsible for the control measurements of the Swiss Gotthard Tunnel, particle accelerators and large scale underground sewer systems around the world.

Read more about Gyromat: and the Ceneri Tunnel opening.

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