Bringing EU´s Green Deal to life: DMT vibro trucks explore geothermal potential in North-Rhine Westphalia

With the aim of reducing CO2 emissions, the paper mill Kabel Premium Pulp & Paper is exploring the feasibility of covering large parts of its hot steam generation with renewable energy. To this end, Fraunhofer IEG started a research project and contracted DMT to perform a 2D seismic survey around Hagen, Dortmund, Herdecke and Schwerte, including a stretch of the A1 highway, to determine the geothermal resources there - more precisely deep geothermal energy at around 4,000 m.

Vibro trucks during a geothermal exploration survey

Vibro trucks on the road during the geothermal exploration survey

For 3 days, with the help of so-called vibro trucks, sound waves were sent into the ground every 50 meters and their echo recorded by hundreds of geophones along the route. The trucks, which apply ca. 20 tons of pressure to generate the vibrations, are safer and more environmentally friendly than explosive methods and are ideal for inner-city exploration.

"We are delighted to have completed the survey and especially the profile on the A1 on time and without any lost time incidents," said DMT's Dept. Head of Exploration Seismic, Rüdiger Misiek.

The survey was funded by the state of NRW and the EU.

Watch our vibros in action: