Abuse, misuse, fire or nail penetration - Know how your lithium-ion battery performs under harsh conditions

At our accredited Test Laboratory in Dortmund, DMT provides so-called Abuse and Misuse test procedures for lithium-ion batteries. These are tests in which batteries are tested up to and beyond their load limit through exposure to extreme temperatures, mechanical damage or overcharging.

The team also carries out nail penetration tests according to Chinese and Korean specifications. Procedures such as salt-water immersion tests, short-circuit tests and various thermal propagation tests have been added to complement the broad testing service portfolio, which also includes fire tests on vehicle batteries according to UN ECE R100 Annex 8E and 8F.

These services have proved to be in such high demand, that our expert team is working to capacity to complete orders as soon as possible.

Our fire protection experts are happy to advise you on the available tests procedures and standards. For a complete overview, please visit our plant & product safety website