Geotechnical Monitoring

Monitoring with high precision GNSS equipment
Monitoring with high precision GNSS equipment

Want to determine the vibrations at your construction site? Need to know the impact of seismicity to the surface above your mining operation? In need of precise information concerning the inclination of your building pit walls? If you are looking for accurate monitoring systems concerning the position of your facilities, endangered slope areas or even offshore platforms, DMT Geotechnical Monitoring offers you suitable, future-proof technology and services – evolved from years of experience in the civil engineering, mining, oil and gas sectors.

At DMT, we are not bound to single processes and typically work with a whole variety of monitoring data from the fields of: geotechnical engineering, geodesy, geophysics or noise immission and vibrations. Our in-house software solution "DMT SAFEGUARD" is an online database-supported system for data management and analysis and forms the basis of our complex monitoring and alarm networks. DMT SAFEGUARD controls and regulates the instrumentation, communication, reporting and the early warning and alarm sequences, regardless of whether your data is to be captured and saved several times a day or more than 1000 times per second.  The system can also be used to record all kinds of geodata, from temperature, water level, seismicity to HD video streams.

On this foundation we design, install, and operate customized measurement systems to suit you and your particular monitoring needs, while our expert geologists, geophysicists and geotechnical engineers apply their specialist know-how to assist you in the assessment, analysis and interpretation of the collected data. Extra support is offered by DMT's Expert Bodies for Ground Movement and Vibration Measurements.

DMT geotechnical monitoring - general fields of application:

  • Seismological monitoring with highly sensitive equipment to monitor and analyze induced and natural seismicity, whether above ground, underground or as downhole installations in mining, for the oil- and gas industry or in the field of renewable energy
  • Vibration measurements and immission control employing proprietary, cutting-edge measurement technology for monitoring limit values at industrial plants and civil engineering sites according to national and international standards
  • Geotechnical monitoring of object changes by determining convergence, crack and gap width, hydrogeological parameter like water level, pore pressure, temperature and further parameters
  • Surveilling ground movements and object deformations by means of complex geodetic measurement systems using GNSS, total stations, laser scanners, remote sensing methods and more
Vibration monitoring with advanced DMT Measurement Technology
Vibration monitoring with advanced DMT Measurement Technology
Online geotechnical monitoring with DMT SAFEGUARD
Online geotechnical monitoring with DMT SAFEGUARD

Safety is your advantage - why choosing DMT Geotechnical Monitoring always pays off:

  • Improved project safety and facilitated risk management: quick identification of vulnerable areas due to permanent access to all relevant information
  • High project reliability: multiple redundant system architecture, intelligent power management and sophisticated communication technology for constant data access - online, mobile and in real time
  • Maximum flexibility: seamless integration into existing systems and connection of any sensor regardless of manufacturer as well as of any type and format of data
  • Significant time savings: easy to understand, user-friendly analysis and visualization of your data including fully automated analysis and reporting
  • Maximum availability of all monitoring information: use of proven, reliable and state of the art measurement systems and sensors including installation, maintenance and support by experienced and trained technicians
  • Fast and trouble-free integration into new or running projects, supported by professional, internationally experienced staff
  • Optimum efficiency: one-stop-service, high degree of integration and automation, customized system configuration, integrated alarm and quick response in critical situations
  • Reduced risks and hazard potentials due to professional support and expert opinions by our certified specialists

DMT professional monitoring services - we support you with:

DMT Geotechnical Monitoring – Project Illustration
DMT Geotechnical Monitoring – Project Illustration
  • Individual consultancy and planning - including regulatory approvals
  • System installation and commissioning of customized multi-sensor monitoring networks with geodetic, geophysical, geotechnical and hydrological sensors and measuring systems
  • Application of state of the art measurement technology – on surface, underground, offshore and onshore
  • Measurement, documentation and analysis to highest standards in accordance with federal regulations (e.g. DIN 4150, ÖNORM S 8020)
  • Execution of all measurement work - campaign-wise or by installation of permanent measurement systems with remote control and alarm function
  • Special solutions and measuring instruments for explosion prone areas (ATEX certified measuring systems)
  • Secure data storage on centralized data servers with redundant backup - scalable for any project size
  • Integration of any data formats, sensor types and equipment manufacturers
  • Development and integration of customized, web-based databases and GIS applications
  • Data processing, analysis and expert evaluation using comprehensive software tools
  • Online visualization and delivery of results with WebGIS support and extensive control functions via a secure internet portal
  • Customizable alarm functions and warning messages via SMS, email or signaling devices on site
  • Extensive data analysis and assessments by certified expert bodies for ground movements and vibrations

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