Reutilisation of Former Industrial Sites

Land recycling of former industrial sites makes it possible to use them profitably for new purposes. In this respect our interdisciplinary project teams bundle their knowhow to offer integrated services; from concept development through to supervision of the construction work.

Our range of services covers research into utilisation, investigation of polluted sites, assessment of existing buildings and preparation of viable remediation plans for approval by the authorities. We also assist by providing site management and project management experts during the conduct of the project and safeguard your financial and quality interests in the execution phase.  

With experts in abandoned mining, hydrogeology, geotechnics and surface emissions working in close cooperation, DMT is well-equipped to solve the complex issues involved in reutilising industrial sites. It is precisely this interaction in the individual project phases that enables us to make the most of synergy effects. We place emphasis on developing and using innovative techniques and strategies in order to reduce time and costs. Our services include:

  • Historical research
  • Identification and evaluation of risks
  • Creation of economic rehabilitation plans
  • Natural attenuation
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Retroactive maintenance concepts

Our sustainable strategies and planning and the techniques we apply enable us to make former industrial sites fit again for new projects, whereby the main benefit to our customers is the many years of experience of our engineers and technicians. 

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