Exploration and Valuation of Deposits: Independent, Convincing and Reliable

From the initial idea to exploration, through geological mapping and prospection to the evaluation of deposits: our services in the field of deposit exploration and deposit valuation provide our customers with essential data for making sound investment decisions in raw material projects.

Our services include:

  • Investigation of deposits: coal, non-ferrous and precious metals, iron and steel, industrial minerals, etc.
  • Preparation of guidelines for data recording, e.g. core recording and sampling
  • Planning and execution of geotechnical investigations
  • Planning and execution of hydrogeological investigations
  • Planning and monitoring of drilling programs
  • Carrying out core surveys and sampling
  • Planning, execution, interpretation, evaluation of geophysical measurements
  • Definition of resources in the scope of feasibility studies for financial investors (stock exchanges, banks, funds, owners, investors, insolvency administrators, mining companies, insurance companies)

The creation of 3D deposit models, including automatic seam volume determination, serves as the basis for deposit evaluation, which we perform according to internationally recognized standards or guidelines such as JORC Code, NI 43-101 and the USGS Resource Classification Programme. They are certified by qualified persons of internationally recognized professional associations.

Our professional teams of geologists and geophysicists draw on decades of international experience in a wide variety of environments and commodities, including lignite and hard coal, precious and base metals, rare earths and industrial minerals. But geotechnical and hydrogeological data are not only important for planning extraction. They also play a role in the evaluation of the subsoil in buildings, in mine water management and in groundwater models.

Reservoir / Mineral Deposit Modelling

For the interpretation and 3D-modelling of geological and geophysical data our teams use state-of-the-art software solutions developed for hydrocarbon exploration and mining. For example, we use Petrel® seismic interpretation software to evaluate 2D and 3D seismics or for the geological interpretation of boreholes and well logs (borehole correlation), and then link these data with geological and geophysical data from other sources as required. This could include results from gravimetry, magnetics and geo-electrics, for fields such as geothermal exploration, oil and gas, coal, underground gas storage (UGS) and ore deposits.

Within the resulting block models, petrophysical and / or chemical parameters can be statistically distributed and used to calculate the resources. These parameterized models can also be integrated in our own specially-developed simulation software such as DMT-Heatflow or DMT-ReacFlow3D, for the simulation of geothermal reservoirs or the simulation of mass transport.

In the next step, based on these models we are able to plan the optimum drilling path and we work closely with the drilling company to provide them with the maximum details of the subsoil. The 3D underground model helps us to define both the ideal drilling site on the surface and the most effective drilling target in the resevoir. We understand that the value and success of the wells bored will depend greatly on the overall design of the drill path, thus our aim is to avoid unnecessarily long or complicated drilling paths that not only add extra cost but often more risks, too.

In the energy sector, we specialize in geothermal exploration and consulting on coal bed methane, mine gas, carbon capture and storage.

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