Building Materials Processing - The one stop shop for all your building and stowing materials needs

Our building materials processing specialists develop customised solutions for all aspects of building and backfill materials. Our process development experience covers all stages and operations: from receipt and storage of materials through process-specific preparation and conveyance right through to final processing. Furthermore, DMT offers technical monitoring and supervision for your cavity filling and backfilling projects.

When it comes to processing composite materials, we can provide advice on developing the best mixtures and support you in the design of your plant. Based on our extensive experience in this field, we analyse the properties of the material being transported and use these as a reference to calculate the expected conveying parameters. With this in mind, our design team is able to come up with the most suitable and reliable engineering solution for the job at hand.

A major advantage for the operation and availability of your plant is that we can monitor and visualise processes using our own mobile measuring equipment, if required. Such measurement data often proves valuable in damage analysis in case of malfunctions, plus visualisation of the processes makes operation of the pant much easier for the operating crew.

Our building materials processing services include:

Consulting for the pipe conveying of building and stowing materials:

  • Rheology testing of materials and suspensions
  • Development of mixtures
  • Pipeline design and dimensioning

Pneumatic and hydraulic conveying systems:

  • Compilation of reliable planning data
  • Development of procedures and concepts
  • Basic engineering and detail work
  • Development and delivery of monitoring and visualisation equipment
  • Process monitoring and weak-point analysis
  • Development and delivery of technical components

General materials consulting:

Whether you need advice on conveying and processing building and stowing materials, help with the planning and construction of your conveying installations or general guidance on materials handling, our experts are happy to assist.

Please feel free to contact our specialists.