Hydrogeology and water management

Water is an essential resource. Using it carefully and sustainably is therefore a matter of course – but it is also a complex task involving a great deal of responsibility. DMT supports private enterprises and public-sector customers around the world with services that focus on the water cycle – we help to reduce investment costs on the basis of foresighted planning and sustainable usage. Likewise, we help to reduce operating costs by means of the optimised use of the resources available. We offer tailored advice, develop solutions and provide partial or complete packages for water management projects. We produce analyses and concept studies, offer preliminary and implementation planning including cost estimation and see to project management and construction supervision. Our customers benefit from reliable forecasting and realistic scenarios based on our many years of experience in the field of water management.

Not least, we assist with the many tasks and projects that countries and regions face as a result of climate change and population growth. This relates to three important areas:

  • Infrastructure (from modernisation to new construction)
  • Water quality (from water treatment to its sustainable use)
  • Water shortage (which can be combated in particular with river basin management and groundwater management)

DMT is currently acting as a consultant on, for example, the construction of hydroelectric power stations and dams, assessment of the impact of flooding mines in Algeria, the modelling of groundwater and surface water in South Africa and the optimisation of mine water management in Ukraine’s Kryvyi Rih (Krivoy Rog) mining region.

Water calls for knowledge

We cover the entire spectrum of basic water management, hydrogeological and hydrochemical studies, from appraisals, specialised technical studies and environmental impact assessments to the development of ‘digital twins’ that not only digitally visualise complex processes, but also identify and automatically manage optimum operations. We use numerical modelling not only to simulate water flows, but also to calculate material and heat transport and geochemical reactions.

The issues related to the water cycle call for innovative solutions and methods. DMT has developed unique and specialised proprietary software for this: ReacFlow3D, Box3D and Heatflowcan be used to model groundwater and mine water flows, as well as the transport of heat and dissolved materials. There are also many widely known and renowned numerical models available.

DMT’s water management services:

Groundwater and mine water

  • Exploration: localisation of aquifers, volume measurement, surveying of regional groundwater situations
  • Safety: groundwater management for major construction projects, containment of contamination plumes
  • Extraction: planning and optimising wells, reducing pump costs
  • Automation: pump management optimisation
  • Sustainability: developing concepts for the replenishment of aquifers
  • Mine water: management and treatment, contaminant transport in mines, overseeing mine planning, operation and decommissioning

Surface water

  • Safety: management of heavy precipitation events and droughts, identification of floodplains, flood forecasting
  • River basin management: comprehensive and interdisciplinary advice and planning
  • Automation: reservoir management, energy generation, 4.0 systems for water management, automatic control room management based on forecast scenarios
  • Sediment and material transport: analysis, planning and surveys

Drinking water

  • Water cycle: studies for public-sector and private customers, planning of distribution systems and transport pipelines


  • Wastewater management: calculation of systems, wastewater collection and purification
  • Monitoring: water level and run-off readings
  • Introduction of materials to bodies of water: surveys and overseeing of water law approval procedures

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