Management Support & Risk Management

Management Support

DMT’s project management services assist clients in all aspects of their development programmes, from the initial phases of exploration and feasibility, through design and construction supervision to management, operational assistance and training. We apply a standardised and integrated approach to project management based on our extensive experience and expertise, ensuring that all stages in the project are optimised to deliver the financial and physical outputs forecast in the initial feasibility studies

Specifically, we provide the following Project Management services:

  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Management (EPCM)
  • Owner’s Engineer
  • Operational and technical assistance for mining and beneficiation operations
  • Procurement
  • Supervision for construction as well as commissioning and performance testing

We provide Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Management (EPCM) services in support of large or complex construction projects, giving clients confidence that their project is being managed by an experienced player who will ensure that the whole project is completed on time and to specification.

In our role as Owner’s Engineer we provide independent, multidisciplinary third party supervision and monitoring of mine and beneficiation plant construction projects, working with the technical and build contractors to ensure that the specifications and requirements of investors, owners and operators are fully met.

We provide experienced personnel to work with clients in selected or all key areas of operation, plugging gaps in the client’s in-house capability or strengthening existing resources. We also help our clients specify, source and purchase appropriate plant, equipment and services to meet their needs in terms of optimum cost, quality, quantity, delivery times and location. Drawing on our extensive worldwide experience of multi-million dollar major mine development projects, we are able to manage any size of procurement programme for plant, equipment, mine development and operation.

DMT offers construction and commissioning supervision, ensuring that works become operational in accordance with design and specification, safeguarding the quality of construction, overseeing the safety of the work and, when required, providing a cost-monitoring service to the client.

Risk Management

We apply a fully integrated approach to risk management, identifying and mitigating commercial, operational, environmental, health and safety and social risks throughout the project life cycle.

From initial planning, through engineering, operation and close down, we apply focused, practical risk management measures to reduce uncertainty for investors and owners and provide operators and regulators with safe and reliable operating systems. Above all, we ensure that those employed in mines and beneficiation plants and those living in the local communities which surround them can work and live in safe and sustainable environments.

Specifically, we provide the following Risk Management services:

  • Managing commercial risk
  • Managing operational risk
  • Managing environmental risk
  • Managing health and safety risk
  • Mine safety assessment and Audits

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