Cokemaking Services

DMT offers testing and consultancy for coal blend optimization and coal & coke quality control. We support and attend to customers worldwide using both standardized and in-house specially developed equipment for carbonization, coal analysis and coke testing located in Essen, Germany.

Coal Blend Optimisation

We are proud to look back upon more than sixty years of research and development in the field of cokemaking. DMT provides state-of-the-art investigation methods for stamp and top charging supported by

  • pilot-scale testing in a 10kg-retort,
  • semi-industrial movable coke oven,
  • 60-year experience of coal blending and
  • generation of coal blends with coals from different origins to perform reference tests.

Coke Quality

DMT supports cokemaking plants and blast furnaces in their continuous quality control of the used coal and coke, using international standards to determine coke qualities. DMT provides CRI and CSR testing according to ISO or ASTM standard. We are fully equipped to offer all worldwide-standardized drum tests to determine coke strength (ISO, ASTM and JIS).

Coal Characterisation

DMT assists coal merchants and assesses their product for marketing. In addition to general coal analyses and coal petrography, we offer comprehensive testing of the coal properties related to cokemaking. Our services include:

  • Free Swelling Index
  • Dilation
  • Gieseler Fluidity
  • Roga Index
  • Gray-King
  • Sapozhnikov Plastometer
  • Oxidation state according to ASTM D 5263

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