Optimise your industrial maintenance with our modern transmitters for vibration and temperature monitoring of machines and plants!

Our DMT VibraTherm transmitter for DIN rail mounting offers you a reliable solution for the precise monitoring of vibrations and temperatures on industrial machines and systems. The transmitter continuously determines the effective value of the vibration velocity and offers this, together with the recorded temperature value, for tapping as a 4..20mA signal. With its advanced technology, the signals can also be conveniently transmitted to the receiver via LTE / WLAN. This makes it easy to integrate sensors into modern IIOT infrastructures. In addition, the sensor signals are looped through and are thus available for further processing. The transmitters can be easily adapted to specific machine requirements via the associated configuration software. Combined with a robust industrial design, the transmitter allows you to detect faults early to avoid downtime and maximise the efficiency of your maintenance processes.

Technical data




79 x 22,5 x 106,7 mm (L x W x H)



135 g



DIN Rail NS 35/7,5 or NS 35/15


Interface vibration transducer



Type / Interface

Uniaxial vibration transducer with IEPE interface



24 kHz


Frequency range

0,24 Hz – 10 kHz


Interface temperature transducer



Type / Interface

Temperature sensor / voltage input


Voltage range

0 V … 4,096 V


Signal output



ACC Loop-trough




4..20 mA


Temperature RMS OUT

4..20 mA


Configuration interface



Serial / USB

3.5 mm jack to USB Type A (2.0 or higher)

PC-side use of a virtual COM interface


Power supply

24 VDC +/-1 V, ~50 mA


Environmental conditions




0 °C - +55 °C



0 – 95 %


Protection class

IP 40


Error description

Supply voltage sensor[V]

LED blinking error code

Open Input

22 >= USensor < 25


Reverse polarity

2 >= USensor < 5



0 >= USensor < 2


Invalid  sensor supply voltage

23 > USensor  oder  USensor > 25


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