VIB3D, the new IOT sensor for real-time vibration monitoring

The low-budget IOT sensor VIB3D offers real-time monitoring of vibration and movement in the fields of infrastructure, machinery and environmental surveillance. The recorded data and status information is transmitted wireless (WiFi / 4G) to the DMT SAFEGUARD cloud-based database, where project specific post-processing and data fusion from various sensors is done automatically.

Customers can access the data cloud worldwide and view all data via an intuitive web-frontend integrated in DMT SAFEGUARD that offers data visualization, device management and parameter setup. Alarm and messaging functions allow instant notification of occurences.

Using calibrated MEMS sensors, VIB3D is the ideal device for the evaluation of vibrations according to international vibration standards and for defining the area of influence. Already in use in numerous international projects, the fields of applications for this small, smart and cost-effective IOT monitoring sensor are varied, e.g. for wind turbines, reservoir monitoring, bridges, chimneys and other infrastructural supervision. 

    VIB3D at a glance:

    • Fully digital 3-axis MEMS based accelerometer
    • Automatic self levelling and orientation for customer friendly installation
    • Enables large scale networks combining data from various stations
    • Internal GPS based high accuracy time synchronisation and position information
    • Small and lightweight (120 x 80 x 20 mm, 135 g)

    Example: Use of the ViB3D on amusement rides

    • The ViB3D is used as a sensor in DMT RideGuard system for real-time monitoring of amusement park rides 
    • Seamless recording and assessment of vibrations, shocks and movements in accordance with DIN standards
    • Cloud-based data transmission and automated data analysis using AI algorithms

    This results in your effective added value:

    • Seamless real-time monitoring of your rides including data analysis
    • Increased system availability through predictive maintenance and servicing
    • Reduction of maintenance costs
    • Increased visitor confidence thanks to higher safety levels 
    • Reduced workload for staff thanks to automated monitoring and reporting
    • Immediate notification of anomalies for a rapid response

    Example: Use of the VIB3D on wind turbines

    • Continuous monitoring of the tower's vibrations and fluctuations and of inadmissible operating conditions as a risk-minimising measure
    • Carrying out measurement campaigns, e.g. within the scope of risk assessments, commissioning or after retrofitting work
    • Acquisition of data for the determination of load collectives or for wind farm optimisation

    This results in your effective added value:

    • Avoidance of unplanned downtimes
    • Minimisation of inspections and better planning
    • Exploitation of the service life of plant components
    • Increased plant and site safety
    • Automatic alarm in the event of limit values being exceeded
    • Time saving for your employees