IMAGER 5006EX - explosion-proof 3D Laser Scanner

Based on the high quality laser scanner Z+F IMAGER® 5006, DMT and Zoller+Froehlich GmbH have developed the world’s first explosion-proofed 3D laser scanner IMAGER 5006EX. With a rate of nearly 600.000 pixel/seconds the IMAGER 5006EX allows you to get fast and accurate 3D scans of the surrounding. Due to the ATEX certification, IMAGER 5006EX revolutionises measuring in explosive atmospheres such as in the chemical industry and mining. Services with IMAGER 5006EX especially in underground mining and sewerage systems support numerous advantages that not only increase safety and productivity but also reduce costs.

The high measurement speed, remote operability and also the interchangeable battery POWER SUPPLY 5006EX, exchangeable in hazardous areas, make the IMAGER 5006EX suitable for use in difficult operating points and thus highly increase the productivity rate.

The world’s first ATEX approved 3D laser scanner is certified for the device group I (firedamp mines) I M2 Ex d [ib] op is I Mb and group II (explosive gas atmospheres) II 2G Ex d [ib] op is IIB T4 Gb.


  • As-built documentation
  • Safety inspections
  • Accident and damage analysis
  • Deformation analysis
  • Acceptance inspection of contractual work
  • Volume calculation and variance comparison
  • Geological rock face survey

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