World Tunnel Congress 2022

2 - 8 September, Copenhagen, Denmark

The World Tunnel Congress 2022 and associated events will take place from Friday 2 September 2022 through to Thursday 8 Septemberl 2022.

Denmark and Scandinavia will present some of the mega projects in the world with great opportunity to learn and visit the project in our part of the world. In Denmark, existing and new projects are well under construction and site visits will be arranged. New Metro lines (Cityringen, Nordhavn and Sydhavn) are well under way. Learnings from the Great Belt Link and the Øresund Link has been used for getting the Femern Fixed Link started. In Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden and Finland the construction of many other new mega infrastructure projects will start. The E39 crossings in Norway will be well underway and lessons learned from all the projects will be shared at the conference.

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