When fuels mix as if by themselves, it’s not magic at work, but mathematics

Since the beginning of 2020, a group of ENCOS engineers have been focusing all their energies on finding just the right blend for a range of different oil products at a refinery in the north of Germany.

In other words: establishing a method by which the various individual component substances and additives can be directed out of their respective storage containers into a common main flow so that they can then be delivered as a ready-made and uniform fuel product. This method, known as in-line blending, is one of various highly efficient procedures used to achieve the optimal composition of oil products.

The aim is to make sales quantities scalable and set up the production process in a more flexible way so that it’s possible to react faster to any potential future increases in sales quantities and differing product requirements.

With their expertise and experience in this field, ENCOS, as part of DMT GROUP, knows the secrets to being able to draw up a tailor-made set of specifications, carry out a feasibility study and develop a concept that will proactively lead to optimised efficiency. Of course, all this is much more complex than to be described in a few lines.

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