We watch it burn, so you hopefully never do!

Fire testing according to IMO and other international standards

From the electrical cable systems to the upholstery right down to the carpet glue, virtually all materials and components used on ships and yachts are subject to the fire test procedure codes of the International Maritime Organization (IMO 2010 FTP Codes)

In the unfortunate event of a blaze, it's important to know what to expect: How fast are flames likely to spread? How much smoke do different materials emit and how toxic is this?

As an accredited testing labotratory for fire protection, DMT performs numerous test procedures to classify materials according to IMO 2010 FTP Codes and many other official standards:

In this impressiveVIDEO on our YouTube channel things are hotting up as our fire protection experts perform a test for vertical divisions, such as doors, windows and partitions, in DMT's specialist 6m x 5m furnace in Lathen. Could you handle the heat?

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