Throwing Light on Chromite – DMT trainees enjoy 4-day mine induction trip

A Team of Geologists, Mining Engineers and Metallurgists from DMT’s Kolkata office, headed by Mr. Krishnendu Ghosh, recently explored 4 chromite ore mines in India as part of their induction program. During the 4-day visit to Sukinda, our new recruits were involved in Geology, Mining, and Mineral Beneficiation, to understand the overall scenario. In order to aid concept building and ensure critical thinking at all stages of the activities, the team members also received guidance from local mining experts.

Team photo

Team members from left to right: Vedala Suresh, Deenadayalan R L, Mansi Sinha, Shreya Kundu, Smita Mondal, Arya Abhishek Mohanty, Abhigyan Anmol, and Rishabh Tripathi

The DMT management board in India have praised the team’s professionalism and enthusiasm to learn, despite the hardships of the mine conditions. Visiting the area during monsoon season when many open pit mines are forced to stop their operations, one of the biggest challenges they faced was dewatering. And since water reacts with chromite ore, forming Hexavalent Chromium which is poisonous, the young engineers were keen to observe first-hand how the water is then processed at the Effluent Treatment Plant. 
“We really appreciate the efforts put by DMT India to arrange such a wonderful and informative mine visit. It has given us a varied idea of different type of rocks, ore mineral quality and geological structures, mine operation and grade upgradation process – everything from the ground up to industry,” explained Mansi Sinha.