Taiwanese firefighters visit DMT Centre for Fire and Explosion Protection

A delegation from the New Taipei City fire brigade paid a visit to Dortmund, Germany, in early December to share experience and learn from the experts at DMT’s fire protection training centre. The Taiwanese visitors were keen to learn about emergency procedures and methods of hazard avoidance as well as how to set up and run such a centre.

Members of the New Taipei City fire brigade at DMT in Dortmund, Germany

“Our colleagues from Taiwan were able to get a good look at the diverse training possibilities we provide here in Dortmund”, explained Christoph Möller, head of fire protection training at DMT. “The tour included facilities for large-scale real fire and flash fire training and our fire tunnel, as well as the accident training site and training unit for hazardous materials”.

Discussions were also held about the possibility of a cooperation in establishing a training centre in New Taipei City, with technical support provided by DMT and fire-fighters being given expert training at the centre in Dortmund.

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