Seismic measurement for the exploration of geothermal energy successfully completed

After three weeks in the Münster area, the DMT Vibro-Trucks reached their destination on St. Nicholas Eve and sent sound waves into the depths at the last measuring point. Commissioned by the Geological Service of North Rhine-Westphalia, they were looking for limestone under the Münsterland region that could contain very hot water. This geothermal heat from depths of up to 6000 metres could be used for geothermal energy production in the future.

A total of 3651 geophones were set up for the measurement, 744 of them in the city of Münster alone. In the coming weeks, the recorded data will be analysed to create an accurate picture of the geothermal characteristics of the underground.
Veit Muddemann from the Municipal Office for Green Spaces, Environment and Sustainability, which accompanied the action, was very satisfied with the course of events. "Despite the scale of this measure, everything worked smoothly for the most part".
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