Raw materials certification requires trust: the CERA project

The big topic of the 21st century is the planet on which we live – and which we need to preserve for future generations. The issues here are obviously climate change and environmental protection, as well as sustainability across the board.

Andreas Hucke and Nadine Kohl fishing at the Ruhr

Fishing at the Ruhr: With the CERA project, Andreas Hucke and Nadine Kohl are seeking to establish something for raw materials which often already works in the area of foodstuffs.

And transparency is especially important when it comes to raw materials. DMT is therefore an initiator and co-developer of CERA, a standardised analytical and comprehensive certification system which guarantees the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the extraction, processing, trading and production of all mineral raw materials, including fossil fuels. This provides ‘all-round certification’, so to speak, for a better future. Find out more here