Pioneering the Hydrogen Industry in Germany

The German Federal Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure (BMVI) is launching an initiative to encourage regions to set up a local hydrogen industry. The aim: to manufacture and consume hydrogen from renewable fuels locally.

The Lüneburg district is currently drawing up a detailed concept to establish a regional hydrogen value-added chain incorporating existing renewable energy sources. With sponsorship from the BMVI's HyLand funding, experts from EE ENERGY ENGINEERS GmbH (part of DMT GROUP) are supporting them to enter the hydrogen industry and qualify for further funding programmes such as HyPerformer using the findings from the project.

EE Energy Engineers and their project partners will provide services for the identification of regional manufacturing, transport and deployment opportunities for green hydrogen, development of recommendations for action and general business plans for implementing pilot projects in three fields of application, as well as supporting a broad and rapid market launch for hydrogen technology.

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