Online Predictive Plant Maintenance: Avoid downtimes, save costs, extend revision periods

DMT has developed an online diagnosis system that monitors the condition of machines in plants and optimises maintenance. By warning in plenty of time before damage actually occurs, unnecessary downtimes are avoided. The data acquired, in combination with the expertise of TÜV NORD GROUP, ENCOS GmbH Hamburg and DMT, also increase safety and enable revision periods to be extended.

The system is currently in use at PCK-Raffinerie Schwedt, which has a market share of around ten per cent of total German fuel production. DMT’s online diagnosis system there covers 26 processing plants, 600 unit lines and around 1,500 dynamic measuring points on pumps, fans, drive turbines, compressors, gears and generators. With the system PCK managed to increase the rate of early detected and prevented damage and critical conditions. Unplanned failures and expensive downtimes were prevented and the revision period successfully extended. Within a short time, the costs for the system were recuperated due to savings in repair and longer plant running times.

Roman Krähling
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