Old waste never dies: Avoidance, Re-Treatment and Utilization of Mine Tailings

Strict, legally-binding regulations and voluntary commitments to reduce the environmental footprint of mining mean that mine waste management needs reconsideration. Zero waste is the long-term goal.

That’s where DMT GROUP comes in - Our mine tailing solutions focus on the integration of waste avoidance concepts in processing, reducing risks to people and the environment posed by dormant mine tailings, as well as enabling new revenue streams from the recovery of critical raw materials.

We work with clients from across the globe in mine waste management, providing everything, from feasibility studies, process development with trials from lab to pilot scale, plant design and construction to environmentally sound storage and the dismantling or conversion of mine tailings.

If it is your responsibility to manage mine waste, reach environmental goals, and use funds wisely, then we should talk.


Dr Vassilis Roubos

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