New innovation projects for DMT in the raw materials sector

DMT receives funding for further development of the awarded innovation project from EIT RawMaterials

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The German engineering and consulting firm DMT continues to lead the way in innovation in the raw materials sector and receives funding from EIT RawMaterials. In the coming years DMT will engage in several projects to develop innovative technologies and services for the European natural resources sector together with international partners.

Previously DMT has received funding from EIT RawMaterials for a number of innovative projects, such as the development of an automatic shaft inspection system, an integrated monitoring concept for tailing dams, a certification system for the sustainable production of critical raw materials, as well as multiple projects for the evaluation and use of natural resource deposits. This year a total of 11 innovation project applications made by DMT Project Coordinator Norbert Benecke and his team were approved. Of particular importance are:

  • the expansion of the DMT core scanning system to include automated geochemical drill core analysis,
  • optimization of geophysical exploration technologies in underground mining,
  • the development of an autonomous robot system that can both drive and fly for the surveying and monitoring of underground mines,
  • further development of intelligent machine diagnostic systems,
  • further development of 3D hydrological modelling for various applications,
  • classification and beneficiation of mine waste and other disposed material using phosphate gypsum stockpiles as an example,
  • and exploration database projects for the focus region of south-eastern Europe.

"We are proud of the fact that our project proposals have met with so much confidence from the EIT RawMaterials. Our goal across all the projects is to develop future-oriented products and services to safeguard the supply of raw materials for Europe and at the same time ensure DMT is suitably equipped to deal with the challenges ahead," explains Dr Michael Haschke, who is responsible for R&D projects at DMT. "In order to initiate the right projects, we have analysed in advance the exact needs of our customers and assessed where further development is required", he adds.

The kick-off for new projects, in which DMT will work closely with mining industry partners and renowned practice-oriented research institutes from all over Europe, is scheduled for the beginning of 2018.

An overview of all DMT's innovation projects can be found here:

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