Investing in our planet for Earth Day 2022

2 weeks ago today was Earth Day, the annual global movement to drive positive action for our planet and calling for bold and innovative solutions and action at all levels, from individuals to business and investment to city and national government. The Earth Day Motto for 2022 is INVEST IN OUR PLANET.

Smart businesses need to understand it is no longer a choice between going green and growing long-term profits – sustainability is the path to prosperity – and here at DMT we fully support this approach. For Earth Day 2022 the DMT team in India came up with an idea to not only invest in the planet, but also in our staff – giving them an “unbe-leaf-able” birthday gift.

As part of their birthday celebration, each employee will receive a sapling from the company, which they are responsible for planting and nurturing until it has grown into a tree. The first two saplings have already been planted at the DMT site in Kolkata.
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