Earth. Insight. Values.

Tomorrow is Earth Day – when more than 1 billion people around the globe will be participating in activities to promote green cities and develop solutions for climate change and sustainability issues.

As a consultant in the natural resources sector, DMT is well familiar with the latest environmental standards and helps ensure that its clients are able to identify and manage environmental risks throughout their projects. But we’re no longer just about “green mining” – our experts apply their knowledge in an ever-increasing range of fields to develop services and products e.g. for the renewable energy sector (geothermal energy and wind power), remediation and renaturation of abandoned or polluted sites, as well as water and airborne pollution.

The importance of sustainability is even reflected in our claim “Earth. Insight. Values.”

Earth represents the responsible manner in which we handle our resources and the continual protection and development of our living space. Insight stands for DMT’s in-depth specialist know-how, gained from decades of experience and commitment to research and innovation. And values have always been at the heart of the company, where code of conduct, social responsibility and protection of our employees, customers and the environment are an integral part of daily operations.