DMT upgrades Rainwater System for Sheikh Shakhboot Medical City

In the Arabian gulf, rainwater is system-critical. Water is collected during the rare rainfalls and fed into the groundwater, while heavy rainfall must be safely drained away so as not to cause damage to the infrastructure.


As the largest tertiary hospital in the UAE, the hypermodern Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City in Abu Dhabi is one of the most important developments in the medical sector in the Middle East. The clinic's sponsor, healthcare network SEHA, is carrying out a comprehensive upgrade of the local storm-water system.

DMT was commissioned to plan the water management system so that the clinic can make optimal use of rainstorms and safely drain off excess water. For this purpose, we adjusted the pipe diameters, redesigned the overflows, created catchments that can serve as additional above-ground reservoirs and designed further areas to collect precious water from heavy rain that occurs every 1-50 years. In addition to the structural changes, an optimisation of the operational processes was also proposed, with corresponding adaptation of the pumps, valves and water tank sensors.

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