The fight against coal fires

Did you know that coal can ignite itself underground when enough oxygen is present? The oxidation of coal generates heat, which can lead to fires. These coal fires are not only dangerous, but cause considerable ecological and economic damage worldwide.

For the German TV programme "planet e - Die Flammen der Flöze", DMT geologist Dr. Hartwig Gielisch, who has been working on the subject for over 20 years, accompanied the reporters from TV channel ZDF. The environmental documentary reports on seam fires in India, China and the USA and describes the fight against the flames in order to mitigate the effects on people, the environment and the economy.

Although such seam fires have been very rare in the German mining industry due to very strictly regulated fire protection measures, other countries have had to struggle with them. In China alone, DMT experts estimate that around 200 million tonnes of coal go up in smoke every year without being controlled. With decades of experience from projects for fire prevention, fire detection, long-term measurement and fighting fires in deposits, dumps, waste disposal sites and silos, including in New Zealand, Italy, Norway and Mongolia, they are among the most sought-after experts.
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