DMT SAFEGUARD & RIEGL V-Line laser scanners joint whitepaper for permanent laser scanner monitoring

DMT SAFEGUARD monitoring platform & RIEGL V-Line laser scanners – Check out our joint whitepaper for permanent laser scanner monitoring and its integration into customer risk management.

The white paper presents RIEGL Laserscanning technology in the context of permanent areal monitoring. In a joint development DMT has integrated the scanner into its DMT SAFEGUARD monitoring platform in order to offer innovative and tailored monitoring solutions for customers in the mining and infrastructure sectors.

The new system provides real-time, exhaustive geospatial information and all decision-relevant parameters such as deformation values on demand from anywhere on the globe via our secure system website and mobile phone app. In case of status changes the project teams are notified promptly by our push warning service.

Special thanks to Thomas Gaisecker (RIEGL) and Daniel Schröder (DMT) for driving this innovation to market.

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