DMT presents innovative laser scanner systems

ISM congress in Aachen 16.-20.09.13


From 16 to 20 September 2013, representatives from DMT GmbH & Co. KG will be presenting the topics of measuring methods and instruments, deposit management and mine closure / abandoned mining at the XV International Mine Surveying Congress in Aachen. A special focus will be on DMT's innovative laser scanning systems, designed specifically for the demanding nature of the mining industry.



Laser scanning has proved to be an effective and economical method to solve many standard tasks in the field of industrial metrology; however, until now there were no viable, effective solutions for specifically dealing with challenging tasks under difficult environmental conditions. Inaccessible cavities or explosive gases and dusts can cause significant restrictions in the use of technology.
"With our vast experience in the mining industry, infrastructure projects, and various areas of industrial metrology, we were able to further develop and customize the DMT laser scanners, so that even critical areas can now be surveyed three-dimensionally with high accuracy and speed," explains Norbert Benecke, mine surveyor at DMT. "Our explosion-proof equipment complies with the EU ATEX directive for potentially explosive atmospheres." The information obtained is used, for example, to help identify possible hazards in mine shafts and provides critical data for reducing risk exposure, which leads to savings in terms of safeguarding and refurbishment. A special-purpose scanner with an extremely small diameter is ideal for documenting inaccessible cavities through narrow boreholes.
These new systems from DMT are already being utilised successfully in various projects: As well as surveying cavities in abandoned mines, caverns or bunkers, these devices are particularly suited for kinematic shaft surveying and other areas of industrial metrology. In addition to carrying out the measurements, the full DMT service offers customer-specific data analysis.
Within the framework of the congress, DMT will also be presenting results from its research into ground motion monitoring as part of a project workshop, plus the company will be represented at its own stand at the trade fair accompanying the congress. 
The International Society for Mine Surveying (ISM) is hosting the congress in Aachen in cooperation with the Deutscher Markscheider-Verein e.V. DMV (German Association of Mine Surveyors) and expects around 500 international experts as well executives from the international mining and natural resources industries to attend. Further details of the event can be found on the official congress website, where online registration is possible up to 17.08.2013.

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