DMT Petrologic celebrates 15 years in business


2nd Essen Expert Talk on Deep Geothermal Energy


In the course of the second "Essen Expert Talk on Deep Geothermal Energy", held on 25 April 2013, DMT Petrologic celebrated its 15th anniversary. "We are proud to be part of this jubilee celebration", explained Bodo Lehmann, Head of DMT's Exploration & Geosurvey Division. "The high number of attendees at the event demonstrates just how successfully Petrologic has been integrated into the DMT group and how well this has been received by the market". Alongside the evening's main program, a series of talks on seismic data processing were given, covering the topics of pre-stack depth migration, CRS and reverse time migration.

Petrologic was bought by DMT in 2011, adding to the company's portfolio in the field of natural resources exploration and reinforcing its interna-tional growth strategy for the gas storage, geothermal energy, disposal and CCS markets. With the official renaming (DMT Petrologic GmbH) at the beginning of the year, integration into the DMT brand was complete.

The Hanover based company has been offering the oil and gas industry data processing services for seismic 2D and 3D data since it was founded as Petrologic Geophysical Services GmbH by Gerd Rybarczyk and Arthur Kölle in 1998. Thanks to the installation of a Linux Cluster, from 2003 onwards more extensive data could be processed with even better algorithms, and the opening of offices in Cairo and Tripoli in the mid 00s brought the services directly to the market.

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Am Technologiepark 1
45307 Essen, Germany

Phone: +49 201 172-1970

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