DMT leads prestigious Huyssen Quartier Essen construction project

The Huyssen Quartier Essen (HQE) is currently one of the most renowned construction projects in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. DMT has been involved in the project from the start and is also responsible for site management and supervision.

Construction site Huyssen Quartier Essen (Photo: Andreas Rauer, BST)

Construction site Huyssen Quartier Essen (Photo: Andreas Rauer, BST)

The renowned Huyssen Quartier Essen construction project with over 100 apartments covering around 10,000 square meters and offices of around 7,000 square meters is currently under construction directly opposite Essen’s Philharmonie and the Aalto Theater. According to the architects' plan, a 60-meter-high residential building with a restaurant on the ground floor and several neighbouring buildings, some of which will also be used as offices, will be built here. The four-storey underground car park will provide sufficient parking space for residents and visitors.

DMT has been supporting the project with extensive engineering services since the very beginning: Demolition and excavation planning, tendering and abandoned mining exploration. DMT also drew up a vibration prognosis and an expert from TÜV NORD Systems made a sound prognosis in order to be able to provide information on low-noise and low-vibration methods for demolishing and constructing the construction pit enclosure.

Special challenges of the project

"We have a few special engineering challenges to overcome in this project," explains DMT project manager Thomas Groß. He and his team drew up the design and approval planning (object and structural design) for the excavation pit. "The excavation pit, which is up to 12.5 metres deep, borders on a 9-storey existing building that has to be secured. This means that the neighbouring building and its foundations must be reinforced with the aid of a triple-anchored, overlapped bored pile wall," says Thomas Groß. The pit lining in the direction of the busy Huyssenallee, under which a subway also runs, will also be constructed as a triple-anchored intersecting bored pile wall with a diameter of 1.20 meters. In its final state, this bored pile wall will also serve as a foundation element for the residential high-rise.

DMT will also be responsible for the site management and supervision of the project to ensure that all parties involved work together in the individual project phases. The excavation pit is expected to be completed in summer 2019.

Contact and further information:

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