DMT launches world’s first online shop for test and standard dusts

Making test standards more readily accessible and cutting ordering processes: DMT is selling test and standard dusts online, with immediate effect. Customers can find out about the individual dusts and their use in advance and then order them directly online. The webshop, which is the first in the world in this specialist area, is available in English and German and will be launched on 9 April 2019.

DMT test dust A2 fine, quartz-free

DMT test dust A2 fine, quartz-free

With this webshop, DMT is reacting to customers’ needs for more and better information about dusts and their use. "In the past, finding the right dust for testing products, such as vacuum cleaners, filters, etc. took a lot of time and patience," explains Umalan Gogilan, Project Manager for Air Quality at DMT. Manufacturers from the vacuum cleaner, automotive, pharmaceutical and filter industries test their devices with dusts according to prescribed standards so that they can launch them onto the market. To even find the right dust, they first have to research which dust is actually named in the relevant standard. But this information is rarely precise enough. "It might say Arizona test dust, but not specifically which of four possible variants is meant," says Gogilan. Once the dust described in the standard has been found, this does not automatically mean that it is the best dust for the manufacturer: "Ultimately, the manufacturers want to make devices that are better and do more than just meet the basic requirements of the standard," explains Gogilan. That is why DMT also develops test dusts for special and individual requirements.

What customers really need often emerges only after many emails and long telephone conversations, in which Gogilan questions his customers in depth. That takes a lot of time for both parties which will now be saved with the new webshop. "Ultimately, we have transferred all of our expertise about dusts to the shop, where our customers can see which dust is mentioned in which standard, the structure of the dust, what the particle size is and what it is used for." Gogilan recommends browsing the shop to find the right dust for a particular application. "The more customers find out in advance, the easier it is for them to find what they really need." Anyone wanting to order a specific product, can also do so using the search function.  

All around the clock, from anywhere in the world: more than 50 standard and test dusts have already been uploaded to the shop, another ten are to follow. The tried-and-tested DMT Test dust Type 8, which simulates household dust for vacuum cleaner manufacturers and suppliers, can already be found there, as well as Arizona test dust A2 (fine), which is used to test air filters for ventilation technology and in the automotive industry.

Gogilan’s team also offers more unusual test dusts, such as DMT bank note dust, online. But anyone thinking of shredded paper money when they hear the term bank note dust is on the wrong track: "In our bank note dust, we use the same type of cotton that is used in bank notes. Critical machine components, for example for the Bundesdruckerei (German federal printing office) can therefore be tested," explains Gogilan. In addition to standard and test dusts, the shop also offers nanoparticles and accessories, such as masks. "DMT is well known for supplying everything from a single source. We are implementing that philosophy in our shop," says Gogilan.

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