DMT joins United Nations Task Force for the classification of nuclear fuel resources

In May 2016 the international technology service provider DMT officially became a member of the United Nations Task Force for the Application of the UN Resource Classification Code UNFC-2009 to Nuclear Fuel Resources. DMT is hereby reinforcing its activities related to the life cycle of nuclear resources.

United Nations Office, Geneva

The Task Force convenes annually at the United Nations Office in Geneva

The Task Force is part of the UN Expert Group for Resource Classification and is chaired by experts of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna. It consists of high-ranking government and industry representatives from organisations such as the United States Geological Survey, Geoscience Australia, Center for Mineral Technology Brazil and Uranium Corporation of India Ltd, among others. The goal of this Task Force is the application of a worldwide-accepted best practice guideline for the safe and environmentally sustainable handling of radioactive resources, including the exploration, use and disposal thereof according to the guidelines of IAEA and UN.

“DMT has expertise in both the exploration of mineral resources, such as copper and uranium, and safe in-situ extraction technology”, explains DMT Managing Director Prof. Eiko Räkers. “Within the UN Task Force group, DMT will be responsible for the composition of the Best Practice Guideline for In-situ Extraction Technologies for Uranium and Thorium.” This guideline is published and regularly updated by the United Nations Economic Commission of Europe UNECE and IAEA.

The Task Force convenes annually at the United Nations office in Geneva to advise governmental atomic energy agencies of mining nations from around the world on the handling and recovery of radioactive U-Th resources.

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Download the press release United Nations Task Force (PDF).