Member of German-Chilean network for raw materials sustainability

DMT is a member of Eco Mining Concepts, a project of AHK Chile (German-Chilean Chamber of Commerce) which is bringing the two countries' key players in the sustainable extraction of raw materials closer together.

With extensive services, experience and innovation activities in fields such as raw materials certification, emobility, smart mining, water management, mine tailings monitoring, safe waste disposal and many other topics related to renewable energy, DMT fully supports the project’s focus on green mining and sustainably mined minerals.

Eco Mining Concepts offers a valuable platform for exchange with Chilean stakeholders from the mining sector, with Germany positioning itself on the Chilean market as a supplier of technologies and products for more efficient and environmentally friendly industrial production.

For its part, Chile is increasingly attracting attention in Germany as a supplier of green natural resources, for which a strong increase in demand in Germany is expected due to the expansion of the market for electric cars and other flagship industries.

The project is supported by Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (German Ministry of Economics and Energy). Network members include JHG Ingeniería Ltda. SpheraSMT Scharf AG Mankuk Consulting & Services S.A. Huber Automotive AG

Dr. Karsten Zimmermann