DMT cooperates with Georgian National Environmental Agency

Director of Georgia's Environment Authority visits DMT in Essen

DMT GmbH & Co KG, based in Essen, Germany, has agreed to a cooperation with the National Environmental Agency (NEA) in Georgia. During a three-day trip in April, Tamar Bagratia, head of the Environmental Agency, visited the company in Germany's Ruhr region to find out about the possibilities of a cooperation in the field of environmental protection and safeguarding resources.

Dr Paul Althaus welcomes Ms Tamar Bagratia to DMT

Dr Paul Althaus welcomes Ms Tamar Bagratia, Head of the NEA, to DMT in Essen

The main focus of the discussions were topics such as the sustainable use of mineral resources, geomonitoring, environmental concerns, mine rehabilitation and groundwater monitoring. "We managed to identify many areas for cooperation that can be developed in the future," explains DMT Sales Manager Dr Paul Althaus. "I am very optimistic about this cooperation, as DMT offers a number of highly specialised technical solutions in all the areas mentioned." 

Furthermore, workshops and training sessions are being planned, for example, in the handling of the DMT core scan3 system, which is used to create high-resolution 360° rolling images of drill cores.

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Download the press release Georgian Environment Agency (PDF).