Deep geothermal energy - great potential for the energy transition

As part of the EU project "Deep Geothermal Energy Rollout in North-West Europe" (DGE Rollout), Geologischer Dienst NRW (Geological Service of North Rhine-Westphalia) is investigating the subsurface in the Rhineland – currently between Viersen, Krefeld, Düsseldorf and Duisburg, by means of seismic measurements. The basis for this exploration is the resolution passed by the state parliament on March 20, 2019, to promote the use of deep geothermal energy in order to make optimum use of the state's heat potential.

Local residents learn about the seismic survey at an info-event in Düsseldorf city centre 

Drawing on around 30 years of experience and enjoying international recognition in this field, DMT is also one of the important partners in the EU project. Using seismic data and existing data from old archives, our experts are able to create an overall picture of the subsurface, showing important information on the depth and thickness of the rock strata and identifying different limestone layers where hot thermal water is suspected.

Seismic measurements are one of the most gentle, non-invasive exploration methods of the subsurface and lead to much more precise planning of the subsequent cost-intensive drilling phase. A geological map showing the geothermal resources of North Rhine-Westphalia is gradually being created and will be available for the cities and municipalities to use.

NRW Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, Mona Neubaur, welcomes this step to determine the region’s geothermal energy potential. She recently visited an info session in Düsseldorf to learn more about the current seismic survey from Geologischer Dienst NRW and DMT’s Head of Geo Energy and Resources, Bodo Lehmann. 

The great advantage of this climate-friendly, regenerative energy from the depths of the earth is that it is available regardless of the weather, all year round and at any time of day. In addition, its development and use requires very little land while producing a large amount of energy. Deep geothermal energy is thus one of the most climate-friendly and efficient methods of supplying heating to entire urban districts in an environmentally friendly manner. It indisputably plays a crucial role in achieving the climate goals of the European Green Deal.

The switch to climate-friendly heat generation is a great opportunity to decarbonize future energy supply – We at DMT are happy to drive this path forward!