Change to DMT Management Board

Heinz-Gerd Körner, CEO and HR Board Director at DMT retired on 31st March 2014. After holding a managerial position at DMT since the company's inception in 1990, Körner was appointed to the executive board in May 1999 and held the position of chairman from March 2008 onwards.

Prof. Eiko Räkers has taken over as CEO from 1 April 2014. The geophysicist has been a managing director at DMT since 2009 and, prior to that, managed the company’s Exploration & Geosurvey Division.

Joining him as managing director and the new HR board director is the former head of Human Resources, Ulrich Pröpper. He began his career at Ruhrkohle AG, moved to DMT in 1990 and has held a senior position in the company ever since.

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