CERA 4in1 - Major Breakthrough in Cross Recognition of Sustainability Certification

CERA 4in1 announces a significant development in cross-recognition of mineral raw materials sustainability certification, following a pilot pre-certification project at ICL Iberia sites in Spain.

 The project evaluated the Spanish standard UNE 22470/22480, developed by CONFEDEM, through which ICL Iberia is already certified, and recognized that it successfully met the international CERA performance standard criteria.

Carles Aleman, President of ICL Iberia, commented: "Sustainable mining has been one of ICL Iberia's top priorities in recent years…working with the CERA 4in1 Standard will not only help us meet our sustainability goals, but also lead the entire industry toward a more sustainable future".  
This important breakthrough will provide smaller domestic producers across all geographies with a clear route to meeting the sustainability requirements of international markets.
Initiated by DMT, CERA was developed by some of Europe’s leading raw materials research institutions and technical service providers to guarantee a consistent standard for environmental, social and ethical practices for the entire mineral raw materials value chain.
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