Höntzsch: Practical flow measurement in critical environments

7 May 2021 (Webinar)

Let if flow: Measuring technology and solutions since 1966


In this webinar, we will demonstrate different flow measurement applications from various branches pointing out the vast opportunities our technologies offer to meet demanding application needs. First, we analyse the clients’ requirement and then we select the best possible solution accordingly. 

For more than 55 years, Höntzsch is known as the specialist for the development, production and distribution of innovative flow measuring products. For Höntzsch the measuring of flow is not only a profession but also passion. We find measuring solutions for all requirements in every environment.

Our instruments deliver precise measuring results even under smallest flow velocities and lowest volume flows. Our flow sensors operate flawlessly even under toughest conditions such as strong pollution or dust expositions. They are applicable under high pressures up to 50 bar and operate in sample gases such as ammonia, butadiene, hydrogen, LPG, natural gas, propane and many other media. Höntzsch measuring instruments always deliver exact values. 


Höntzsch GmbH und Co. KG is part of the DMT GROUP, world leading Engineering and Consultancy Company.


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Höntzsch: Practical flow measurement in critical environments (edudip.com)


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