Get to know DMT's Digital Solutions for Civil Engineering and Infrastructure

15 July (Webinar)

The digital shift in civil engineering and infrastructure – with the digital engineering experts from DMT you will be in good hands

Digitalization and advances in technology are significantly influencing processes in traditional construction sectors such as civil engineering and infrastructure planning. DMT GROUP offers digital services for these markets that cover the entire project lifecycle – from the early design and programming phase through planning and construction to operation and maintenance.


Technology and digitalization are opening new avenues for innovation, collaboration, efficiency, and engagement. Civil engineering and infrastructure are no different. For the last 10 years, digitalization has been steering and shaping the design methodology in the civil engineering sector. Today’s advanced tools owe their efficacy to this evolution, and as one of the early-adopters of these technologies, DMT is perfectly placed to bring their clients’ spaces to life with a suite of transparent, digital tools leveraging digital design processes to deliver collaborative and efficient project management.


The webinar will highlight DMT's project transparency, which enables easy sharing of data and improves real-time collaboration amongst different stakeholders, departments and project steps. We will explain our digital solution that leads to streamlined workflows, informed decisions, and reliable project delivery. Learn about the benefits of our innovative toolkit needed to drive sustainable, reliable infrastructure planning now and in the future. 


Date: July 15, 2021
Time: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


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