Seismic solutions for cost effective subsurface exploration

2 June 2021 (Webinar)

Free webinar highlighting the advantages of DMT's 2D/3D seismic exploration solutions. 

In this webinar we will present the advantages of our non-destructive seismic exploration methodologies and show how you can yield a better picture of subsurface structures with the support of DMT's seismic solutions and thus reduce your exploration risks.


This webinar is dedicated to project leaders in mining operations, mining consulting companies, geothermal operations and everyone interested in seismic exploration.

Exploration in an unknown territory involves an enormously high economic risk for site owners. What is the exact deposit location and how large are the resources? What effort is required to develop and mine the existing deposit? This also applies in the case of expansion of existing mines. 

In order to minimize the exploration risk as much as possible, a detailed knowledge of the existing subsurface is essential. In most cases, numerous cost-intensive spot boreholes are drilled in order to obtain a selective knowledge of the subsurface.

The advantage of our seismic exploration solutions however, are detailed spatial images of the subsurface. This can significantly reduce the number of explorational borehole drills and therefore related exploration costs and time.


Free webinar
11:00 AM - 12;00 PM


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