Free Webinar: The first Sustainability Certification Scheme for the Mining Sector and Beyond

22 September 2020, 8am CET and 3pm CET, digital

CERA Certification Scheme

From smartphones to electric scooters, and Aurum to Zinc, the materials that shape our everyday lives conceal a hidden story.

In this free webinar, join Dr Andreas Hucke to explore the raw materials value chain and how the CERA certification scheme is building a universal standard for sustainability and how we evaluate and trace the social, environmental and ethical practices on which the modern world is built.

Date & Time: 22 September 2020, 8am CET and at 3pm CET

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CERA ( is partly funded by EIT RawMaterials, a body of the European Union , under the Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.