Project Management

The great range and complexity of geotechnical engineering services often poses a challenge to managers of structural engineering projects.

Due to the ever-changing conditions and unexpected circumstances associated with projects of this nature, it is crucial to be able to respond fast and adapt budget and schedule plans at any time in the project life-cycle. From conception through execution to project completion, it's often one continuous process of planning, decision-making and evaluation.                                                        

DMT is happy to take on this task for you and secure the optimum level of quality and economic success for your project. Our focus is the unity of cost-efficiency and security at every stage; that means ensuring planning and cost reliability as well as the safety of both buildings and the people in and around them.

From basic conception onwards, we assist our clients with comprehensive geotechnical consulting and project management in the following areas: 

  • Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Foundation engineering
  • Abandoned mining
  • Subsequent effects of mining
  • Redevelopment
  • Reutilisation of former industrial sites

DMT lays the foundation for efficient execution and successful completion of your projects by providing the following project management services: 

  • Site assessment
  • Feasibility analyses in terms of technology and processes
  • Identification and evaluation of risks
  • Evaluation and optimisation of the interfaces between all areas
  • Realisation of the design and construction planning
  • Quantity surveys
  • Complete solutions for the conception and budget calculation of construction pits, foundations, drainage and earthworks
  • Schedule estimation

In addition to the structural engineering aspects, DMT's project coordination covers the entire planning regulations. Hence we also check that all services are performed in compliance with mandatory standards and legal regulations.  Other services in the tendering and contracting stage include: 

  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Advice on the selection of sub-contractors
  • Review of tenders
  • Evaluation of special proposals
  • Support with or management of contract negotiations
  • Drafting of contracts

In the project execution phase DMT provides services such as:

  • Construction and project management
  • Site supervision
  • Coordination of the interfaces between all areas
  • Scheduling supervision
  • Acceptance of services rendered and quality assurance
  • Budget control and accounting
  • Contract and claim management

DMT also provides supervision for all tasks concerning the operation and aftercare of landfill sites.   

We apply an integrated approach to our project management and support by involving all parties in the individual project phases, thus ensuring that synergies are fully exploited and the interests of the customer are maintained – even after the project itself has been concluded.

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