Testing & Measuring Technology

Test Bed Engineering

The design of test rigs for drive-technology applications is most often complex and requires precise planning. With our expertise, we assist our customers in meeting the diverse requirements of even the most complex test procedures, from basic design through to development and commissioning of turnkey test bench solutions.

We not only carry out feasibility studies during conceptualisation, but also cooperate closely with you, offering sound advice on the most economical solution for your particular needs.

When it comes to the actual testing process at hand, we combine expedient and efficient automation solutions with relevant, state-of-the-art measuring technology.

On Site Measurements

Our in-situ measurement methods for drive engines and industrial machines are ideal for a range of measurements directly at the point of use:

  • Function testing
  • Damage analysis
  • Analyses of optimisation potential
  • Feasibility studies

Our in-situ measurements are designed to ensure a continuous smooth operation and can therefore be carried out on site with minimal interruption.

Among the main customers who rely on DMT's experience in this field are operators of wind turbines, rolling mills, coal conveyors and extrusion systems.

Application of strain gauges

Strain gauges are used to measure mechanical stresses in structures and components made of metal, plastic or concrete. These electronic elements react to elongation or compression with a change in resistance. This effect is used for demanding measuring tasks, whereby the strain gauges are usually applied to the component to be evaluated with a special adhesive (task dependent).

The application of strain gauges can be used for both short and long-term measurements and are most commonly used for component monitoring in mechanical engineering and steel construction. DMT applications can withstand temperatures of up to 300°C.

Applying strain gauges correctly is extremely demanding in terms of craftsmanship and requires considerable experience. DMT is also proficient in the application of strain gages in highly explosive environments.

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