Cokemaking Technology: from bottleneck analysis to commissioning

From coke oven gas cleaning and optimization of by-product extraction to process optimization in coking plants: with DMT, you have a competent partner at your side who will support you professionally and efficiently in every project phase. Our engineers have decades of experience in project management, planning and production.

We can support you at all planning levels with our modern process simulation tools. In order to accurately represent and simulate the thermal-chemical processes in gas treatment plants, we work with developed process models that are validated with empirical data under real process conditions. As well as aiding us in the design and planning of new gas purification plants, this enables us to quickly identify optimization potential in existing plants.

Cokemaking technology by DMT: From conceptual design to production

You can benefit from the operational experience of our engineers when it comes to converting your plant or improving operations: In addition to planning activities, our teams also have extensive experience in production and offer a full range of services from conceptual design, planning, construction, flexible EPC and EPCM, to commissioning of the coking plant. Furthermore, our specialists have a great deal of experience in both greenfield and brownfield projects. Our services at a glance:

Coke oven gas treatment

Our focus in coking plant engineering is on the treatment of coke oven gas in by-product plants. Our engineering teams support our customers at all levels of planning, from the feasibility study stage to the realisation of new facilities, as well as the restoration and maintenance of plants in operation. DMT provides professional solutions from a single source:

  • Refurbishment concepts and studies
  • Process optimisation and bottleneck analyses
  • Process engineering
  • Project management
  • Basic and detail engineering
  • Supply of systems or core components
  • Installation, commissioning and inspection
  • Training of operating personnel

Process optimization in by-product plants

Smooth and efficient processes are essential for the cost-effective operation of by-product plants in coking facilities. DMT provides the following process optimisation support to its customers:

  • Bottleneck analysis and subsequent process optimisation
  • Plant inspection and identification of operational problems
  • Concept development for operational improvement measures
  • Inspection and study reports for process optimisation
  • Training of operating personnel for process optimization
  • Treatment processes for coke oven gas

The most important processes for the treatment of coke oven gas include:

  • Gas cooling - cooling of hot process gas
  • Gas scrubbing - sequential cleaning of process gas (removal of ammonia, sulphide, hydrogen Cyanide, BTX and naphthalene)
  • Tar extraction - separation of tar from the process gas (& from the condensates incurred during gas cooling)
  • Product recovery - Regeneration of the scrubbing agents applied with subsequent generation of products (such as sulphur from Claus plants, sulphuric acid, ammonium sulphate, ammonia, BTX, naphthalene and tar)
  • Wastewater treatment

These technologies can also be used for the treatment of other process gases, for example natural gas processing, purification in refineries, carbide production or the cleaning of process gases in the chemical and specialty chemicals industries.

Further cokemaking services

Please also visit the Cokemaking Services page in the consulting section of the website for further information on DMT’s services in this field:

  • Optimization of coal blends
  • Coke quality testing
  • Coal characterization

Please feel free to contact our specialists.