Coking Technology Products

Door Sealing System

The door sealing system, developed by DMT, lowers the emissions at coke oven doors to a minimum. The door seal itself is able to adapt to the expansion/contraction of the door (e.g. because of thermal expansion), due its special and flexible construction.

Door Cleaning System

DMT's specially developed door cleaning system, for coke oven door seals is both contactless and fully automatic, hence reducing the amount of mechanical abrasion compared to common brush/scraper-systems. Compressed air is used, guided by a robotic arm, to clean the coke oven door sealing system. As this robotic arm is installed on the coke pusher machine or transfer car, the coke oven door sealing system can be cleaned on-site during the pushing procedure without the necessity to remove the door from the battery.

PROven® System

The PROven® system, invented and developed by DMT, reduces the emissions at coke ovens. Due to this patented system is it possible to establish a constant inner chamber pressure during carbonization and to operate the collecting main under negative pressure.

More than 2,100 PROven® units are installed on multiple coke ovens worldwide. DMT is enhancing this system constantly to provide the best available technology to its clients at all times.

PROven® has the following advantages:

  • Reduction of emissions at coke oven doors and charging holes
  • Constant and controllable chamber pressure during carbonization
  • Possibility to maintain a negative pressure inside the collecting main
  • Established technology in more than 2,100 units worldwide

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